Frequently asked questions

Does the pap art logo appear on the print?

The purchased print has no logo on it, the logo only appears on the online images to protect the copyright.

Why are your pictures more expensive than some other sites?

All our prints are limited edition high quality prints signed by the photographers who took them or unique art by the artist who painted them. Some of these artists and photographer are not available anywhere else on the web.

Why is the postage cost so high?

As these pictures are limited editions we only send them by tracked mail services with insurance. This is to protect your investment and ensure it arrives in perfect condition exactly as when it left us.

Are the pictures framed?

No, the pictures are not framed.

Do you send pictures abroad?

Yes, we do send pictures abroad. Please contact us with your details and we will let you know how much the shipping cost will be.

I would like to see the picture in person before I purchase, is this possible?

Yes,we are affiliated with The Saint Giles Street Gallery in Norwich, so if you contact us with your print/painting choice we can arrange a viewing.